Come Back II

Come Back II completed his hundred day test in 1995 and among 40 of the best horses in Germany he placed first overall. His test riders gave him scores of 9 and 10 for ridability and character. In the jumping portion of the test he was first, and in dressage he placed third for an overall first place performance.

Since then Come Back has been approved by the German Holsteiner Verband, the Danish Warmblood association and the Swedish Warmblood association. His foals possess his beautiful carriage with an uphill way of going, and all have exceptional hind leg movement, giving them the power to perform at the upper levels in sport. They are very kind in nature with the desire to co-operate and learn.

Cor de la Bryere and Landgraf I are legendary in European breeding. Other famous horses in Come Back II’s family include Ochidee, gold medal in the Seoul Olympics, Montevideo, gold medal in the LA Olympics, and Corlandus, silver medal in Seoul.